All-people movement propelling socialist construction

It has been 45 years since the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement, an all-people movement of the highest form, was launched in the DPRK.

It was a historic event of weighty significance in the development of the Korean revolution that Chairman Kim Jong Il set forth the slogan "Let us meet the requirements of Juche in ideology, technology and culture!" on November 18, Juche 64 (1975) and initiated the said movement.

As a powerful mass movement propelling the socialist construction, the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement has been steadily carried forward and intensified under the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The movement brought about a radical change in the people's mental and moral life and the economic and cultural construction. For its validity, it has gripped the hearts of the broad masses from the beginning and rapidly spread to all fields and units across the country, while displaying its great vitality in socialist construction.

10-odd units won the three-revolution red flag for the first time in 1978, and many other units exemplary in carrying out the ideological, technical and cultural revolutions have joined the ranks in every annals of the revolution.

In the course of this movement, a radical change was made in the people's way of thinking and work attitude and innovation was brought about in all fields of the revolution and construction. Thus, a history of epoch-making changes was created on this land and the might of Korean-style socialism was displayed to the full.

Through the struggle for meeting the requirements of Juche in ideology, technology and culture, the DPRK people have keenly felt the superiority and vitality of the movement and cherished as their faith the philosophical principles that this mass movement is a powerful force driving socialist construction.

(KCNA - November 18, 2020)

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