Past crimes done by Japanese imperialists against Korean nation

Class Education House in North Hamgyong Province
Class Education House in North Hamgyong Province. (Photo Uriminzokkiri)

It has been 115 years since the Japanese imperialists enforced the illegal "Ulsa (1905) Five-point Treaty" on the Korean people.

The "treaty", cooked up on November 17, 1905 to reduce Korea into a colony of Japan, was a fraudulent document devoid of all necessary forms, including the royal signature and state seal and the credentials of delegate vested with full authority, which are major procedures and indispensable conditions in concluding a treaty.

Kojong, emperor of Korea at that time, rejected the "treaty" consistently and, consequently, the Japanese imperialists could not get his signature and seal of state. In a bid to give "legality" to this "treaty" even a little, they did not hesitate to steal the seal from the foreign minister of the Korean feudal government and affix it to the "treaty".

The "treaty" had no title except preface and articles. For that reason, it came to be called "Korea-Japan Convention" on the part of Japan and "Ulsa Treaty" or "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" on Korea's part.

To conclude the "treaty", the Japanese imperialists surrounded the royal palace of Korea with a cavalry regiment and an artillery regiment of the Japanese Army while inflicting threat and blackmail on it. After the fabrication of the "treaty", they kept it in strict secrecy and forbade the publication of it on newspapers afraid of the Korean people's resistance.

All the facts go to prove that the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" was an illegal document, cooked up by the Japanese imperialists with arms, which had no legal force.

(KCNA - November 17, 2020)

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