Women devote themselves to reconstruction in DPRK

"80-Day Campaign Log Book of Loyalty" (CGI Uriminzokkiri)

The 80-day campaign of loyalty for glorifying the Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea has witnessed the noble spiritual world of the women devoting themselves to the country and the people, the society and the collective.

Among them are women party members who volunteered to take part in reconstruction after sending their young children to their parents' houses, a woman who volunteered to work in reconstruction sites in place of her husband who was hospitalized, and a woman, who has devotedly worked on behalf of her husband who sacrificed his life during a combat training, out of the intense loyalty to repay the great trust of the Party that posted the People's Army to the fore of reconstruction.

Women's union's art squad members of Pyongyang City have also worked hard in the reconstruction sites while giving performances encouraging the builders. Women's union members of South and North Hamgyong Provinces, Kangwon Province, Kaesong City made positive contributions to finishing the reconstruction projects ahead of schedule by voluntarily preparing the needed materials and carrying out other tasks.

Their patriotic devotion has led to a big stride in the reconstruction project.

Women's union members in Komdok area have dedicated themselves to reconstruction as early birds in the sites. They are encouraging the soldier-builders by becoming barbers for them and repairing their shoes.

Women of the capital city went to the sites with lots of supplies they prepared at home. They dedicated their vacation to reconstruction.

All these facts show the Korean women's intense loyalty to the Party and their ardent patriotism.

(KCNA - November 15, 2020)

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