DPRK maintains highest anti-epidemic vigilance

Anti-epidemic efforts in Pyongyang City
Anti-epidemic efforts in Pyongyang City. (Photo Rodong Sinmun, edited)

The emergency campaign for maintaining vigilance and all-people unity of action against inroads of globally spreading COVID-19 is intensified across the DPRK.

The central emergency anti-epidemic units have tightened the anti-epidemic discipline and order, consolidated the material and technical foundations for the anti-epidemic sector, and urged all the sectors and units to maintain high vigilance.

They have buckled down to ideological and educational activities with various agit-prop means to help all the officials, Party members and other working people implement the state anti-epidemic measures unconditionally.

The units in charge of inspection and quarantine have applied various sterilization methods suiting kinds of imports, their packing types and temperature conditions, as required by the anti-epidemic protocols. They urge relevant members to lay a firm and creditable barrier for preventing the inroads of the malignant virus.

The emergency anti-epidemic units across the country, given that the weather gets colder and many citizens and vehicles are busy with preparing and carrying vegetables for winter, urge the personnel of the anti-epidemic posts to enhance their responsibility. They are working hard to thoroughly prevent the inroads of the malignant virus by making sure that citizens strictly observe such anti-epidemic rules as mask wearing and disinfection of hands.

Institutions, enterprises and factories have kept their working places neat and tidy, further improved working conditions, fully prepared disinfectants, sterilizers, individual protection equipment, etc. They also keep and use raw and other materials after thoroughly sterilizing them.

The public health organs urge medical workers in charge of households to conduct medical examination of the residents more responsibly. Those in public transport keep strict anti-epidemic discipline to thoroughly check the inroad of the novel coronavirus.

(KCNA - November 15, 2020)

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