Mother's Day in DPRK

DPRK Mother's Day greetings cards
DPRK greetings cards for Mother's Day. (Photo KCNA)

November 16 is the Mother's Day in the DPRK.

In "The Duty of Mothers in the Education of Children", his address to the First National Meeting of Mothers held on Nov. 16, Juche 50 (1961), President Kim Il Sung referred to what should be done by the women in fulfilling their duty as mothers.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un saw to it that this historic day was instituted as the Mother's Day, and thus put on the meridian of happiness and glory the mothers bringing up children, the future of the country, while pushing one of the two wheels of the revolution.

On the day every year, warm congratulations have been offered the mothers across the country who have worked hard for the socialist fatherland, dedicating warm love and great devotion to their children.

Peculiar greeting cards were recently issued on the occasion of the Mother's Day of this year.

The DPRK would grow stronger thanks to those admirable mothers who have brought their sons and daughters to join in the People's Army and are devoting their all to the prosperity of the country.

(KCNA - November 14, 2020)

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