Great army-people unity fully displayed in socialist construction

The song "Arirang of Army-People Unity" can be heard in cities, farm villages, factories, coal mines, forestry workers' villages, seaside villages and socialist construction sites across the DPRK.

The song depicts the people and the service personnel in the DPRK who are sharing their idea and intention in upholding the Party's leadership.

This moment, too, people and service personnel of the DPRK are performing miracles and feats on the strength of their unity, singing this song.

The soldiers, who are involved in the reconstruction projects in Komdok area, North and South Hamgyong provinces, Kangwon province, etc., have waged a 24-7 campaign to build new villages and houses under the slogan "Let Us Help the People!"

And the people have sincerely helped the soldiers.

During those days they fully displayed such noble traits of devotion as respecting, caring for, helping and steering each other.

One can hear service personnel saying "our people are the best!" and people saying "our army is the best!" in any places they work together.

(KCNA - November 9, 2020)

DPRK Song "Arirang of Army-People Unity" (ko)

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