Reality is nuclear-powered DPRK

Monster Missile
Premiere of "monsterous missile" at the DPRK military parade on Otober 10, 2020. (Photo Rodong Sinmun)

Originally published by PolitRossiya (ru)

By Viktor Butkevich

Regardless of who wins the US presidential election on November 3, North Korea will be America's top national security priority. And all of this is due to Pyongyang's growing nuclear and missile capabilities. Therefore, it would be logical to officially recognize the DPRK as a nuclear power, writes the National Interest. Exclusively for its readers, PolitRossiya presents a retelling of the publication.

For decades, most experts and politicians in the matter of North Korea have argued that denuclearization is the best option for Pyongyang. They have said that only a nuclear-weapon-free North Korea could be rewarded by lifting all sanctions imposed on it, gaining some form of diplomatic recognition and receiving security guarantees.

But there is also a "minority" assertions that Pyongyang will never accept denuclearization in full. And this is the reality with which the United States and its allies must come to terms.

Washington has suffered political setbacks for decades and has wasted work on arms control with Pyongyang. Therefore, it is best to immediately transfer to that very peaceful future when the Korean Peninsula becomes stable again. This will require recognition of the DPRK's nuclear ambitions.

* Google AI translation from Russian text with smallest editing by KR

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