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As the aspiration and desire of humankind to live in an independent and fair world are growing with each passing day, so does the importance of the role of media increase.

As the media interrelates with the politics, economy, culture and all other fields so deeply as to impact directly upon the thinking and behavior of the people, it becomes an important means of promoting social development and plays a key role in enhancing development and cooperation among the nations as well as in helping settlement of international issues.

Notwithstanding such a crucial mission of the era assumed by the media, it is misused by certain states as a tool for realizing their domination and aggression, thus triggering grave concerns of the international society.

At a talk held a few days ago, the Guinean Minister of Security and Civil Protection dismissed accusation by some western media which had reported that the Guinean Security Forces opened fire at the demonstrators. The Minister asserted that, unlike in other countries, there is not a single armed policeman in Guinea and he demanded concrete evidence from the western media being engaged in degrading the image of the country with all sorts of disinformation.

Exposing the fact that the western media went frenzied in conducting the propaganda of accusing and distorting the Communist Party and the socialist system of Vietnam prior to the 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese newspaper "Nhan Dan" pointed out on October 13 that it is important to heighten the vigilance against the western media only catering to the attempt of the hostile forces for realizing "strategy of peaceful transition."

The acts of infringing upon the sovereignty continue to be committed by galvanizing all kinds of publications and mass media like newspapers, internet, and social networking service into tarnishing the images of sovereign states and instigating anti-government forces through deliberate manipulation of the public opinion and blaming and slandering. These acts are igniting strong reactions and denunciation of many countries.

These are highly pernicious moves in their entirety that run counter to the genuine ethics of the media which should serve to encourage national development and prosperity, and global peace and security on the basis of scientific accuracy of facts and truthfulness of viewpoint. These moves are totally an outcome of the plots of the domination forces designed to effortlessly create conditions for invasion of and interference in other countries.

As consequences of false and deceptive plots and psychological tactics orchestrated by certain states, not a few countries were subjected to the invasion and plunder on a charge of “injustice” and “crime”, and innocent people were forced into sufferings, miseries and death. International society should never forget this historical tragedy and definitely smash such cunning and disgusting maneuvers.

Entire humankind wants to see the media which would stand for justice and conscience.

The media, if it literally is, should adhere to the principle of objectivity and impartiality in conformity with the inherent desire of humanity who loves justice and cherishes conscience, and thus contribute to an establishment of international relations based on equality and mutual benefit. And it should not be fooled by the domination forces trying to misuse it as their tool for aggression and interference.

Many a lie can never cover up a truth, and many an injustice can never ever outweigh a justice.

(DPRK MFA, November 7, 2020)

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