History accuses crimes against humanity

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Past Crimes against Humanity

Kwanto Army Quarantine Water Supply Unit Overview
Kwanto Army Quarantine Water Supply Unit Overview. (Photo Credit Sankei Shimbun)

The truth behind crimes committed by Japan in the past is being revealed one after another.

Tokyo Shimbun recently reported that an official document on a germ warfare unit called the "anti-epidemic water-supply unit of the Kwantung Army" in the past has been found.

The document specifies that the "anti-epidemic water-supply unit of the Kwantung Army" consisted of Unit 731 and five branches.

It also notes that the Dalian branch was involved mainly in research and production of germs till the end of the war. It also contains a table detailing investigation into four other branches and a sketch map showing all the branch units' activities before and after the defeat in the war.

Professor Emeritus Katsuo Nishiyama of Shiga University of Medical Science
Professor Emeritus Katsuo Nishiyama of Shiga University of Medical Science. (Photo Credit Kyoto Shimbun)

A professor emeritus of Shiga University of Medicine said that the document made by the Japanese government after the end of the war revealed the structure of the "anti-epidemic supply unit of the Kwantung Army", posts of the members of the branches and their activities before and after the defeat in the war.

Noting this has proved for the first time the fact that the branch units also produced germs, the professor added that it is of great significance in verifying history.

The declassified data serve as strong evidence of the thrice-cursed crimes committed by Japan against humanity in the past.

As already known, Unit 731 is ill-famed across the world as the homicide unit of the Japanese imperialists that directly spearheaded and committed the cruel biochemical war crimes.

The murderers of Unit 731 deployed in Harbin City of Heilongjiang Province, China, were provided with hundreds of people as guinea-pigs from the military police, killing lots of people from Korea, China and Russia through different kinds of brutal methods such as vivisection, freezing and injection of germs.

Unit 731 was not the only unit that committed cruel crimes peculiar to the barbarians under human skin.

During the continental aggression, the Japanese imperialists organized secret germ warfare units such as Unit 100, Unit 516 and Unit Nami 8604 and went hell-bent on tests of toxic gas and all kinds of germ weapons. And when Japan was on the brink of defeat in the war, they desperately tried to sweep their crimes under the carpet.

However, the evidence of the hideous crimes of Japan is being discovered in succession still now after the lapse of over half a century, and many films and books have been made and written to tell the world about the crimes of Japan.

Nonetheless, the Japanese reactionaries are justifying their hideous crimes against the Korean people and other Asian people without an iota of guilty conscience.

They resort to vicious retaliation on victims of forced labor far from making apology and reparation for them. Worse still, they insult the victims of state-backing sexual slavery as volunteers for money.

They even built an exhibition hall that totally denies the crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese imperialists, making mockery of the victims. Such moral inferiority and impudence peculiar to the island country are stunning the world.

Reality shows that the evil look of the savage country that indulged in all kinds of crimes against humanity remains unchanged.

A mentally and morally corrupt country has no future.

Japan should be well aware that the first step for becoming an honorable member of the international community lies in honestly admitting its past crimes and fully discharging its reparation duty as a defeated nation.

(KCNA, July 6, 2020)

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