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Anti-epidemic Measures Reexamined and Toughened in DPRK

It gains momentum in the DPRK to reexamine and toughen anti-epidemic measures.

As part of the efforts to cope with the present situation that witnesses the rapid spread of the malignant epidemic and the increase of its danger in most countries of the world, emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels are working hard to make the people deeply understand that inattention, on-looking and chronic attitude and hasty relief of anti-epidemic measures will result in unimaginable and irretrievable deadly crisis.

All areas and units are mobilizing all means of information and motivation work to awaken and inspire residents and employees to eradicating indolence and relaxation in anti-epidemic work.

On the basis of review of anti-epidemic work that has been under way, it is being carried out to make a comprehensive reexamination of possible idleness and scientific and realistic measures are being taken to follow up the stable anti-epidemic work.

Especially, the most prudent efforts are directed to control, supervision, observation and disinfection to block in time any inroads of the epidemic in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line and border and coastal areas.

Education and anti-epidemic supervision of fishery workers are being intensified to remove any requisites for the inroads of virus through maritime activities, and full preparations are made and material and technical foundation consolidated to rapidly cope with any emergencies.

The state emergency anti-epidemic information system was established throughout the country to strongly urge all the units to fully ensure rapidness and unity in anti-epidemic work and observe the principle of working via video link.

Anti-epidemic workers in South Hamgyong province are carefully carrying out the sterilization, medical inspection and checkup of residents in the province as well as volunteer helpers to farming, while working hard to fully supply materials necessary for anti-epidemic activities.

North Phyongan Province are repairing and setting in good condition the equipment for sterilizing drinking water and the sewage treatment facilities with responsibility.

The educational sector is also taking due measures to let all the educational institutions across the country ensure summer vacation on the anti-epidemic principles.

All units across the country are paying deep attention to making the benefits of the state properly directed to the working mothers.

(KCNA, July 5, 2020)

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