China wins human rights battle against US

Mass Rejection

Dove of Peace
At the recent 44th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, some Western countries took an issue of the enactment of the National Security Law on Hong Kong by the People's Republic of China and brought it up for discussion. But it was opposed and rejected by many countries.

The Cuban Representative, who spoke on behalf of 53 countries, maintained that non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries is an important principle enshrined in the UN Charter and a principal rule governing the international relations, the enactment of a law regarding the security of the state belongs to the legislative power of a country and this is the case in every country of the world, and the issue raised by the Western countries is not a human rights issue which should not be discussed at the UN Human Rights Council.

At the meeting next day, over 20 countries voiced their demand that Hong Kong issue is an internal affair of China, and the UN Human Rights Council should respect objectivity, impartiality and constructive spirit and hold to the principle of rejecting politicization and selectivity.

The chronic practice of politicization, selectivity and double standard by the Western countries in the field of human rights must be put to an end.

It is the stereotyped and hackneyed method applied by the Western countries that they first tarnish and demonize the government and system of the country – which does not submit to them – on the global scale before seeking regime change and collapsing system of the country.

An attempt to destroy the system chosen by the people of a country for the simple reason that their ideas and ideals are different is itself an act of violating the human rights of that country and insulting its dignity.

The foul political scheme aimed at overthrowing the system of other countries under the signboard of "protection of human rights" cannot be tolerated any further.


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