Carrying out revolutionary tasks responsibly

Agitation activity in Samjiyon City
Frontline-style agitation activity in Samjiyon City busy with the third-stage of remodeling project. (Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Kim Yong Il
Rodong Sinmun

When all working people carry out their revolutionary tasks in a responsible way, it is possible to demonstrate the validity and vitality of the Party policies and ensure the leading authority of the Party.

The sense of loyalty to trust and follow only the Party single-mindedly is vividly manifested in carrying out the revolutionary tasks.

It is a duty and obligation of the soldiers of the leader to carry out the tasks at their posts conscientiously and responsibly.

There are many people who uphold the Party's plan of building a powerful socialist country with their devoted struggle and painstaking efforts at the worksites of the on-going drive for making a breakthrough head-on, regardless of whether known or unknown, rewarded or unrewarded.

It is not easy to carry out the tasks in a responsible way.

However, those, who keep loyalty to the Party as their faith, are certain to devotedly implement the tasks given by the Party at the level wanted by the Party on the principle of unconditionality before talking about condition and possibility.

All the officials, Party members and other people should uphold the Party's plan for building a powerful socialist country with bigger successes, bearing in mind that their loyalty to the Party is manifested in responsibly carrying out their revolutionary tasks

(KCNA, July 2, 2020)
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