World appreciates DPRK's anti-epidemic work

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"The epidemic threatening the future and health of mankind has not spread over the DPRK since Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un took crucial state measures for the prevention of the virus with his foresightedness and all the Korean people upheld his leadership in one mind and purpose," said Pakistani personages at an internet seminar.

The chairman of the British Association for the Study of Songun Policy stated that all state affairs are successfully carried on only in the DPRK, though the countries styling themselves advanced nations in the anti-epidemic work are in trouble due to the spread of COVID-19.

The official representative of the Brazilian branch of the Korean friendship association said in an article posted on his website that the anti-epidemic measures taken by the DPRK to cope with the infectious disease serve as the model and excellent example of the world, while the chief of the Bulgarian Group for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and the chairman of the Sweden-Korea Friendship Association said the fact that no infected or confirmed cases were found in the DPRK proves the validity of the policy of the Korean Party and government.

The world media outlets including those of Nepal, Cambodia, Kuwait, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda devoted broad coverage to the anti-epidemic measures taken by the DPRK.

Newspapers and websites reported that the DPRK in the Orient remains as clean land with no COVID-19 case although the whole world is being infected with the deadly virus.

What is particularly remarkable in the anti-epidemic work of the DPRK is foresightedness and adroit organizing and mobilizing ability of its leadership body, they said, adding the Korean Party and government set up the state emergency anti-epidemic system for the first time in the world to prevent the epidemic with deep insight into the gravity and aftereffect to be entailed by the spread of novel coronavirus.

Another factor the DPRK can achieve successes in the anti-epidemic work is the single-minded unity of all the people rallied around the leader, they reported. The Korean people have ensured the unity of action as intended by the leadership body which declared a state anti-epidemic emergency and this can hardly be achieved unless there is the absolute trust of its people in their leader, they noted.

(Pyongyang Times - June 5, 2020)

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