What's the soul of Juche Korea?

Spirit of defending fatherland is soul of Juche Korea and ever-victorious weapon

Korean Revolution Museum
"Rising generation will not forget feats performed by victorious war generation," said Rodong Sinmun in a separate article. (Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

By Rodong Sinmun

The victory in the Fatherland Liberation War was a brilliant one of the extraordinary military idea and Juche-based war method and superb strategy and tactics of President Kim Il Sung and a military miracle worked by the Korean people's indomitable spirit of defending fatherland.

The spirit of defending the fatherland is the eternal soul of Juche Korea and its ever-victorious weapon.

The spirit of defending the fatherland created in the flames of the Fatherland Liberation War is as ever valuable.

Now that the rising generation has become the main force of the revolutionary ranks, the spirit of defending fatherland has become more and more precious.

Succession of the revolution means the one of idea and spirit.

There are not many war veterans left, who brought about the war victory after making the aggressors sign the surrender document.

The great spirit created by the former generation should not merely remain as a paragraph in a textbook or as a tale of heroism.

When the rising generation successfully carries forward the spirit of defending the country as its soul and lifeblood, the advance of socialism is further accelerated and the security of the country and the nation firmly guaranteed.

The spirit of defending the country in the 1950s which brought about a victory after defeating the aggressors is valuable mental heritage to be glorified forever generation after generation.

(KCNA - June 25, 2020)

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