True picture of people-first Republic

People's Procession at Kim Il Sung Square
The people-first principle guides all he activity and goal of the DPRK. Photo shows people's procession at Kim Il Sung Square.

By Kim Yong Il
Rodong Sinmun

Our Republic is the genuine people's country where the people-first principle, the most popular political ideology, is embodied.

It is the true picture of our country, where the people-first principle is embodied, that the Party and the state devotedly serve the people and the people faithfully uphold the Party and the state after entrusting their destiny to them, the article says, and continues:

To make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people is the mode of existence of our Party and the government of our Republic and the basic core of the people-first policy.

A drive for building a land of bliss for the people, a powerful socialist country, is brisk on this land where it has become the climate of the revolutionary Party and social custom to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people.

Our Party and state regard it as the top priority to improve the people's standard of living radically, and all their policies are made as intended and desired by the people.

To prioritize interests and convenience of the people and hold them absolute is the reality that exists only in our country.

Our Party and Republic are, indeed, our people's great mother and a true people's country which have undergone all sorts of hardship and difficulties to firmly defend the safety of our people and steadily push ahead with the gigantic work for their well-being and spared nothing to heal their pain even in the period of stern trial.

The slogan "Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!" reflects the people-first stand of our Party and government.

(KCNA, June 23, 2020)
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