Tragedy of western style democracy


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The U.S. likes to blame other countries for their human right situation, often styling itself "a model in human rights performance".

But its behavior usually becomes the target of worldwide scoff and resentment.

The country of worst human right abuses in the world where primary right to existence is mercilessly trampled down is talking about other countries' human right situation. This is the height of impudence and an insult to genuine human rights.

The police in charge of maintaining public security are spearheading all kinds of violation of human rights and social destabilization in the U.S.

Just recently, a white policeman brutally murdered an unarmed black man in Minnesota.

Occasioned by this, mass anti-racism protests broke out in Minneapolis, the place where the murder happened, to spill over into New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and other places, giving rise to fierce violence.

Protesters gave vent to their resentment and fury at the deep-rooted racist system, holding placards reading "I can't breathe", words left by George Floyd, the victim of police violence, and "Black lives matter", the synonym for anti-racism in the U.S.

What matters is that this is the tragic result of "western style idea, democracy and view on value" of which the country is so proud, not the evil practice of "mistakes" committed by individual policemen.

Murdering of black people by white policemen witnessed in the U.S. every year is its clear proof.

According to recent foreign news, the people killed by policemen has outnumbered the ones murdered by gangs or drug smugglers since 2010 in the U.S. and the black men's possibility of getting killed by policemen is nine times higher than other people. Actually, the number of black men killed by policemen in the U.S. in 2015 hit an all-time high by reaching 1 134.

What should not be overlooked is the unbelievable fact that 99 percent of the policemen who murdered black people so far have been left unpunished by law.

For example, a policeman who fired tens of bullets at a black couple to death on charges of over-speeding at the end of November, 2012 was acquitted, and a policeman, the main culprit of the "Fergusson case" who shot to death an unarmed black youth in August 2014, was not prosecuted.

Especially, 18 complaints were lodged against a white police who brutally strangled to death George Floyd in Minneapolis for his brutal acts in the past. But he was given only light written reprimand for only 2 charges and no punishment for other charges. And other 3 policemen involved in the murder of Floyd have the record of several attempted murders of and violence against blacks for the last 10-odd years.

When a police officer was convicted of committing murders for 15 years at a court of the U.S., it made an absurd judgment that he should "do a 'good thing' in 500 hours", enraging the world people.

What greatly matters is the present legal system of the U.S. giving impunity to police for their crimes. The law fails to provide the system of controlling the police moves in a unified way. The federal government can be aware of the murders in which police is implicated only through the police report but the report itself is based on voluntary principle, not obligation. In a word, it means that it doesn't matter whether the report is made some months after the event or is never even made.

This is the real nature of the U.S. legal system based on so called "impartiality" and "justice" and the U.S. political system embellished by "freedom" and "democracy".

As long as the reactionary and unpopular social system exists in the U.S., vicious human rights abuses such as racism will never vanish.

Nonetheless, the U.S. politicians are ridiculous enough to dream a lucky dream of making the world in the next century the one of the western style based on the U.S.-style "liberal democracy".

Those who have a habit of blaming others for their pain should be well aware of the fact that mankind never desires society where injustice and lawlessness are regarded as justice and law, and where human life is less valuable than a penny and is graded and discriminated according to race.

The desire of mankind was, is and will be unchanged.

(KCNA, June 28, 2020)

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