Time will tell the identity of 'chivalry'

By Song Jong Ho

The Gulf of Aden and the waters around the Middle East are being reduced to the venue of Japan's military demonstration.

Escort ship Onami left Yokosuka for the Gulf of Aden in late April and another escort ship Kirisame sailed out of its base in Sasebo on May 10 to be engaged in activities for coping with pirates.

Under these circumstances, the Japanese government recently decided to prolong the term of dispatch of the Self-Defence Forces troops stationed in South Sudan a year more.

No one has ever called on Japan to cope with pirates and maintain peace in the Middle East.

Then, what is the real intention of this "self-invited guest"?

Japan is an officially-recognized self-seeker that has disregarded the blame of the international community like the croaking of frogs in the rainy season for the sake of its interests.

Then how come such cold-hearted Japan has suddenly disguised itself as the "chivalry" of the world?

Already in 2013, Japan brought out a defence programme expanding the focus of security to international from homeland on the pretext of the deterioration of security environment surrounding it.

Accordingly, it removed the political and legal obstacles standing in the way of the SDF's overseas dispatch while expanding the scope of its overseas military operations bit by bit.

A French research institute said that Japan makes no scruple to wage military operations contrary to the constitution under the pretext of the campaign against pirates as it builds up its fleets and air forces for increasing offensive capabilities.

At present, warships and marine patrol planes of the Maritime SDF are hell-bent on monitoring and collecting information about vessels and sea routes in the sea of Oman, northern part of Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden.

The Japanese government has come out with a guideline specifying that Japan may use weapons in case of unpredictable situation.

The country, which advocated exclusive defence, is now openly talking about the use of weapons in case of unpredictable situation overseas.

It is needed to put the reality of Japan in the limelight as the prime minister and other high-ranking Cabinet members send offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine, symbol of militarism, at every opportunity and ceaselessly purchase sophisticated military hardware.

Time will prove what the unpredictable crisis Japan is talking about is and who the pirate the SDF has set as the target is.

(Pyongyang Times - June 5, 2020)
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