S Korean authorities deserve punishment

Symbolic punishment to sycophancy and hypocrisy
Symbolic punishment to sycophancy and hypocrisy


The south Korean authorities have now lost control of themselves owing to the physical action which is just the first phase step of the primary action taken by the DPRK.

The chief culprits, who had driven the inter-Korean relations into a total breakdown, came to the fore one after another as if they were struck with a bolt from the blue to claim that the full responsibility for the situation rested with the north and they would strongly cope with it, branding the measures taken by the DPRK as an unprecedented and senseless act and one never to have been done.

This is just like a guilty party filing the suit first.

The DPRK reached out to south Korea in good faith but the south Korean authorities are the very chief culprit who compelled the DPRK to completely shut down all contact channels with south Korea on the unwavering principle concerning the main enemy.

Look back upon the past two years if they are unwilling to admit and be held responsible for their act.

What has been done by them though we offered good "conditions", enough time and good advices for them to fulfill their duty for the nation?

We are fed up with the disgusting acts of the south Korean authorities who accepted the "south Korea-U.S. working group" even before the ink on the north-south agreement got dry and told the outsider all issues related to the north-south ties and begged for its approval.

It is none other than the south Korean authorities who staged in public the withdrawal of military posts and removal of mines from the Demilitarized Zone but behind the scene they have been engrossed in military exercises with the foreign force and brought the latest military hardware aiming at the fellow countrymen at the expense of the astronomical amount of fund, mostly taxes collected from the people.

They have connived at the leaflet-scattering by the human scum ten times last year and three times this year, reneging on the promise to halt hostile acts in the frontline areas. This has seriously offended us.

Though we were distressed and troubled because of the disposal of all the rubbish dumped into our side and though our people and service personnel rose up in demand of scattering similar leaflets and stamping out the habitat of human scum, we exercised extreme patience for the great cause of the nation

Even at a time when we blocked all spaces including the ground, sea and air because of the worldwide pandemic, they flied all sorts of rubbish in the sky above the forefront areas, creating a grave obstacle in our anti-epidemic campaign. This was greatly enraging. Still, they adopted haughty air and tried cunningly to find an excuse by trumpeting about "freedom" and "human rights" after conniving at the unpardonable act of daringly hurting the dignity of our supreme leadership. We can no longer show any mercy to such men.

There is a limit to our patience.

Every sin brings punishment it deserves.

Seeking to shift the blame for which they are responsible on to the other is, indeed, the act of weak-kneed guys with no energy for honestly reflecting on their sin.

There is no need to sit face-to-face with those who have no will and ability for decisive action, substance and trust but only the settlement of accounts with them awaits.

The south Korean authorities should stop clamoring for shifting the blame for deteriorated north-south relations on to the other, clearly understanding that all measures taken by us are punishments they deserve for their crimes.

(KCNA, June 19, 2020)
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