S Korean authorities blather impudently

Leaflets of punishment
The north side affirms that the planned retaliatory leaflet-scattering will not be bound to any agreement which became a mere scrap of paper.

By Ho Yong Min
Rodong Sinmun

Recently the Ministry of Unification of south Korea blathered about our plan of scattering leaflets towards the south, clamoring it was a clear violation of the north-south agreement. And a crew of the ruling party also made absurd remarks that our plan was "an act of losing both justification and benefit", etc.

Despite their countless wrongdoings, the south Korean authorities are so impudent they they talk about our violation of the agreement.

It is totally attributable to treacherous deeds done by the south Korean authorities with no consciousness of guilt that the north-south relations are descending into a catastrophe as today.

The south Korean authorities are none other than contemptible wretches without even elementary human conscience and integrity as they answer good faith with bad faith.

It is everyone's common thinking that there can neither be concession nor mercy to such mean bastards, but they must pay dearly for their crimes.

The south Korean authorities should, though too late, review why the situation has been exacerbated to such a phase and give up their intention to pick on us on the plea of an agreement which became a mere scrap of paper.

Obvious is that our planned retaliatory leaflet-scattering against the south according to the wishes of all our people will not be bound to any agreement or principle.

It is our people's demand that the south should receive as many wrongdoings as they have done.

(KCNA, June 23, 2020)
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