Sycophancy makes Moon under fag-ends

Fag-ends on leaflets

Fag-ends on leaflets (Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

S Korean authorities' inveterate sycophancy brings north-south relations to catastrophe

By Sim Chol yong
Rodong Sinmun

Recently, the south Korean authorities let out such nonsense that the U.S. decision is a "key to defusing hostility" and the U.S. persuasion is indispensable for saving the present situation from catastrophe.

They, touting the north-south agreement, made absurd remarks a few days ago that they would make steady efforts to get assent from the international community.

This a reckless act of those existing on submission and sycophancy to big powers.

It is, really, a foolish act to settle the issue of the north-south relations, the internal issue of the Korean nation, by depending on foreign forces.

Outsiders are all pursuing their own nation-first policies.

They divided the Korean nation intentionally. Whenever a trend of detente, peace and improvement of the north-south relations was created on the Korean peninsula, they chilled it, inciting north-south confrontation, in a bid to meet their strategic benefits at the sacrifice of the Korean nation's interests.

The issue of the north-south relations can never be resolved by relying on foreign forces, the mastermind of division and interrupter of reunification.

Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye regimes of south Korea set it as the top priority task of their internal and external policies to "prioritize the relations" with the U.S. and "strengthen alliance" and ran amuck to carry it out. But they only resulted in deepened sycophancy toward the U.S., catastrophe of the north-south relations and aggravation of the danger of a nuclear war.

It is a historic lesson that it is the only way out for the south Korean authorities to opt for the improvement of the north-south relations by joining hands with the fellow countrymen, not with foreign forces.

The north-south relations in catastrophe are an inevitable product of the south Korean authorities' inveterate submission and sycophancy.

The traitors to the nation desperately pursuing submission and sycophancy after betraying the compatriots are bound to meet the miserable end.
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