Revolutionary talents are first treasure

Lecture room at the Kim Chaek University of Technology in the DPRK
Kim Chaek University of Technology

By Han Un Il
Rodong Sinmun

Talents are the biggest resource of the country and the motive force of its development.

To compete with and surpass the world while making series of wonderful successes in all sectors of the socialist construction, there should be many talents, first of all.

Talents are the most precious treasure and wealth for the country and the nation.

Talents and science and technology constitute our major strategic resources and weapon with which to make a leap forward in socialist construction.

Attaching importance to talents is the consistent policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The talents brought up by our Party with much care have evoked world-wide admiration for their extraordinary campaign of brains and creation in the annals of the revolution.

It is thanks to the world-level horizons of our scientists and technicians and their self-esteem of living in a powerful country and deep knowledge that the power and prestige of Juche Korea are being demonstrated on the international arena.

Despite the stern ordeals that others would not withstand even a day, our talents have promoted the development of advanced industries with their creative brains and made valuable research successes conducive to putting the national economy on a Juche, modern, IT and scientific basis.

In order to lead and ensure the sustained overall development of the State by building up our own force, the internal motive force, it is imperative to attach importance to talents and enhance their role.

A country full of talents is a true powerful country.

Education is the mother of science and talents are creations of education. We should train talented personnel of world-class level in larger numbers on a systematic basis.

Along with this, we should let them display their abilities to the full in right places.

Today, our revolution requires that officials, before any others, become talents.

Loyalty to the Party and leader and devotion to the country and people are ideological and spiritual features of the talents in our era.

To possess great abilities is our natural duty as revolutionary soldiers of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and a prerequisite for keeping pace with the Party Central Committee, sharing the same ideology and will with it.
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