Olympiad should not promote aggression

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Today, the Olympiad, which has made one-century-plus-long journey, flying five-continents-and-white-background flag symbolizing the noble ideals of global peace, friendship, equality and unity, celebrates its 126th birthday.

During this period, the Olympiad has developed into a great gathering of humankind – not a simple sports festival – which serves for the harmonious and sound promotion of human health and makes active contributions to building an equal and peaceful society where the human dignity is firmly preserved.

"The important in the Olympic Games is to take part, rather than to win"; this is a meaningful phrase that gives an insight into the true ideal of the Olympiad.

The humankind has made efforts to realize the ideals of the five rings since the early days of the Olympic Movement. However, there are a few instances where the Olympic Games were trampled upon as a political instrument and a victim of politics.

The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games are one such instance that left a disgraceful page in the history of Olympics as it played the role of bridesmaid for Nazi.

During the Berlin Olympic Games, the Nazi flags and emblems flying excessively in the stadium projected the "peace-loving image" of " Aryan Race", but they were in fact a smokescreen designed for inspiring exclusivism and ultra-nationalism and concealing an outbreak of new world war behind the signboard of "peace" and "equality." Soon thereafter, these flags and emblems were devoted to inflicting disasters, massacres, apprehension and horror on the humankind throughout the world.

Today there is a country which struggles to reproduce such history-staining annals of crime. That is Japan.

A map, where Tok Islets, the sacred territory of the Korean people since the ancient times, is marked as the "territory" of Japan and the East Sea of Korea as "Sea of Japan", has been uploaded brazenly on the organizing committee website of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The "Flag of Rising Sun Shedding Rays", a symbol of the Japanese imperialism, has now been permitted to be used during the Olympic Games – a flag which was flapping over the battlefields of aggression war against the Asian countries in the past and which reminds the Asian countries of the past history stained with wounds and pains.

All this vividly betrays the Japanese despicable and sinister ambition for expanding territory and its wild dream for militarism, all of which are aimed at realizing at any cost its old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by occupying the highest echelons of Asia.

The imprudent act of the Japanese authorities to convert the sacred Olympic stage of friendship and unity for peace and equality into an advertising exhibition for justifying and legitimizing their political ambition can never be tolerated.

Such a political gambling against the will of the people deserves a divine punishment.

(DPRK MFA - June 23, 2020)
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