North to scatter retaliatory leaflets into south

Moment of north-south liaison office building explosion
Moment of liaison office building explosion (Photo KCNA)

Nothing can ever calm down enraged people


Growing higher as the days go by is the retaliatory zeal of the Korean people to sternly punish human scum who dared to slander the most sacred dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and betrayers who sheltered the scum.

After the open report of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army (KPA) in particular, people from all walks of life and youth and students across the country are refreshing their will to turn out in leaflet scattering against the enemy.

The people across the country have been unanimously calling for pouring rubbish over such dumping ground, branding the shameless act of the south Korean authorities over the hideous crime of recklessly scattering leaflets against the DPRK committed by human scum "defectors from the north" as an intolerable mockery of the DPRK.

With the hatred against the enemy soaring everywhere including factories, farms, streets and villages, university students are hardening their determination to take the lead in the sacred war of justice for retaliation.

Asserting that it is necessary to resolutely punish the reactionaries and human scum as much as they did against the DPRK with the connivance of the south Korean authorities even after the agreements between the north and the south, the university students are getting themselves fully ready to go into the action of scattering leaflets toward the enemy.

Nobody can predict what kind of action will be taken by our extremely angered people and what extent it will reach.

It is a common acknowledgement of all our people that it is due to the brazen-faced and treacherous behavior of the south Korean authorities who do not feel even a little guilty conscience that the inter-Korean relations have reached a catastrophe, and that there should not be the slightest concession and mercy when forcing them to pay dearly for their crimes.

The present situation proves that it is the most correct judgment that we thought there is no need to make any promise with the south Korean authorities but physical action to settle accounts with them is the only option.

Our people and youth and students are hardening their will against the enemy to indiscriminately launch the largest ever leaflet scattering with a blitz when the front line is opened according to the relevant measure to be taken.

(KCNA, June 17, 2020)
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