Our army is fully ready to go into action

Kim Yo Jong's June 4th statement
Kim Yo Jong's June 4th Statement. (CGI DRPK Today)

The General Staff of the Korean People's Army (KPA) issued the following open report on Tuesday:

Our army is keeping a close watch on the current situation in which the north-south relations are turning worse and worse, and getting itself fully ready for providing a sure military guarantee to any external measures to be taken by the Party and government.

Our army will rapidly and thoroughly implement any decisions and orders of the Party and government.

We accepted from the United Front Department of the Party Central Committee and arms of the department in charge of the affairs with enemy an opinion on studying an action plan for taking measures to make the army advance again into the zones that had been demilitarized under the north-south agreement, turn the front line into a fortress and further heighten the military vigilance against the south.

We also accepted an opinion on opening many areas in the ground front and southwestern waters and taking a thorough-going security measure for positively cooperating with our people from all walks of life in their large-scale leaflet scattering struggle against the enemy that is expected to take place.

We will map out the military action plans for rapidly carrying out the said opinions to receive approval from the Party Central Military Commission.

Explicitly speaking once again, our army is on high alert to ensure a sure military guarantee for any external measures to be taken by the Party and the government.

(KCNA, June 16, 2020)
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