South side should grasp severity of situation

Meeting of youth and students, Youth Park Open-Air Theatre, June 6, 2020
Meeting of youth and students at the Youth Park Open-Air Theatre in Pyongyang City on June 6 in protest against the anti-DPRK act of the south Korean authorities and the "defectors from the north".

By Pak Chol Jun

The recent reckless acts of the human scum who frantically scattered anti-DPRK leaflets again in areas along the Military Demarcation Line are the heinous provocation of hurting our supreme leadership.

Their misdeed is enraging the DPRK people whose unanimous will is to most severely punish the provokers and all others who covertly encouraged them behind the scene.

The gravity of the recent incident is that the riff-raff unbearably insulted our people by faulting our supreme leadership by the most despicable method.

It goes without saying that the present catastrophic situation has been created because they insulted what we regard as the most sacred.

It is none other than the south Korean authorities who must pay a dear price for it.

The recent provocation was no means by accident as the riot was kicked up unhindered in the heavily-guarded forefront area, with tacit connivance of the authorities.

Foolish acts of the south Korean authorities who are only making poor excuses make us bear greater hatred for them and bring us to a conclusion that enemies are enemies after all.

The south Korean authorities should clearly understand what great indignation of our people the human scum's provocative reckless act has touched off and what grave results it will bring to the north-south relations.

The present south Korean authorities are well advised to recall what tragic plight the previous conservative "regime" hell-bent on confrontation with the fellow countrymen had been driven into for hurting our supreme leadership, zealously conniving at and inciting anti-DPRK leaflet-scatterings by the human scum.

With no pretext can they dodge the responsibility for insulting our most sacred supreme leadership and bringing north-south relations to total ruin.

They should discard the delusion that everything may be erased with the lapse of time.

Time will show them how much price they are to be forced to pay for hurting the holiest ideas and emotions of our people.

(Abridgment from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA, June 9, 2020)
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