Japan should not act rashly

Signature campaign in opposition to Abe's constitutional revision in Japan
Signature campaign in opposition to Abe's constitutional revision in Japan (Image Credit Kaikenno.com)


A signature campaign involving hundreds of thousands of citizens was recently conducted in opposition to projected constitutional revision aimed at specification of the existence of the "Self-Defense Force" in Japan.

Citizens reportedly joined in the campaign actively though it was hard for them to go outside due to widespread novel coronavirus.

This is an eruption of anger at the present government running amuck for constitutional revision, and a manifestation of the Japanese people's strong aspiration that Japan should not be involved in a terrible war any more.

Now Japanese Prime Minister Abe is making desperate efforts to realize at any cost the constitutional revision which he regards as the biggest political goal of his career during his tenure of office which will expire before long.

He is busy with propaganda about the "justice" of the constitutional revision, saying that "he remains unchanged in his will to realize the revision by himself at any cost." He calls for "putting an end to the debate on the constitution by specifying the existence of the 'Self-Defense Force' correctly in the constitution" and "creating an environment for raising the morale of the SDF members".

Saying "the constitutional revision is a principal policy of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its historic mission", he eggs the LDP on to the constitutional revision and puts pressure upon the Diet to hasten the constitutional revision.

The constitutional revision doggedly pushed forward with by the Abe group is, in essence, an extremely dangerous act to turn Japan into a war-capable state by rounding off the legal foundation for militarization and overseas expansion.

Japan, in actuality, has completed the preparations for reinvasion in all aspects through ceaseless moves for turning Japan into a major military power from its defeat till now. The only thing left to be done by Japan is to "turn itself into a "country entitled to have an army and ignite a war" by revising the constitution.

It is a calculation of the Japanese reactionaries that the constitutional revision would enable Japan to legalize overseas invasion and mobilize all its human and material resources to prosecution of a war in the event of contingency.

Japan has dreamed a pipedream of realizing the unattained wild ambition for "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" and world hegemony by taking part in a war of aggression again.

The present constitution of Japan is a legal commitment it made to the international community that it would only take the path of peace permanently, not the one of militarization and overseas aggression as it is a defeated nation in the Second World War.

Japan will turn itself into the common enemy of humankind if it enforces the constitutional revision finally.

History shows that those going against the desire of mankind to live in peace all faced ruin without exception.

Japan should not act rashly, bearing in mind that it could have existed without trouble in the Asia-Pacific region where peoples still harbor grudge and hatred at it, thanks to its Pacifist Constitution.
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