In a headlong rush to space militarization

By Min Chol

According to Kyodo News Service, the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force has recently formed a space operation corps, the first specialized space force of the country.

Staffed with about 20 personnel, the corps is reportedly to monitor the geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36 000km using the radar set up in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Japan plans to gradually increase the number of its personnel and launch its independent space monitoring satellite in 2026.

It is also going to operate an information sharing system with the US forces while examining a scheme to use the technology of jamming satellite communications of other countries.

Although outer space should be used for peaceful purposes, the war criminal state of Japan has an eye on it, which can never be overlooked.

Even at present Japan plays every trick in a bid to glorify and repeat its past history stained with crimes.

Worse still, all its moves are directed to building a military power and realizing the wild ambition for overseas invasion.

Since the advent of the Abe regime, Japan has speeded up the revision of the pacifist constitution renouncing war and combat capability and increased defence spending every year to hit a record high.

It included tens of billions of yen for the space-related programme in next year's budget bill.

It has already boosted the offensive power of the Self-Defence Forces to a world level and expanded the radius of operation to global scale under the signboard of exclusive defence.

And it is now pressing on with the militarization of outer space, which is enough to arouse sharp vigilance of the international community.

(Pyongyang Times - June 4, 2020)
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