Japan hangs in space militarization


Korean Wrath
The Japanese reactionaries are becoming more and more desperate in its moves of space militarization.

Japan is going to develop the technology of jamming the communications of other countries' satellites "disturbing its defense" by using the newly organized outer space operation force of the "Self-Defense Forces."

This is prompted by Japan's black-hearted intention to make full preparations for launching reinvasion by pushing forward with the space militarization.

"Defense," "peace-keeping" and the like touted by the Japanese reactionaries are nothing but the pretexts for stepping up its moves for making Japan a major military power.

As for the space militarization, after adopting in 1969 the Diet resolution stipulating that the use of the outer space will be limited to a peaceful purpose, the Japanese reactionaries, by cunningly interpreting it as "nonmilitary" and "nonaggression", adopted "the basic law on space" in 2008 which allows the military use of the outer space. And in 2018 they officially declared the outer space as the territory to be defended.

As a result, Japan possesses the smart systems of information-gathering satellites, rocket technology and missile defense. So it is now capable of conducting space warfare of any missions.

Notwithstanding the fact, Japan has pressed ahead with the space militarization for "defense" under the pretext of the so-called threat from the neighboring countries.

The object is clear.

Japan's intention is to create a military situation for launching reinvasion by seizing military edge in the outer space as it does on land and sea and to invent a pretext for nonstop militarization by causing arms race.

Defense Minister Kono made reckless remarks that if a U.S. satellite is attacked, the assailant can be the target of the exercise of the right to collective self-defense, which sided with its senior ally in serious political and military friction with powers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Through the remarks he openly revealed the intention to escalate the confrontation with the neighboring countries in the outer space, too.

The criminal state Japan is getting frantic in the moves for reviving militarism out of an ambition to become the "strongest" of the region, far from making reparation to the Asian people for the untold crimes it committed against them in the past century, so everyone can clearly know the seriousness of the future situation to be created by Japan.

Even Japanese media are calling for carrying out structural reinforcement on the basis of the principle of peaceful use of the space at an early date in order to put a brake on the space militarization.

Japan must stop running reckless.

The international community will never pardon the moves of the criminal state for turning even the space into a war theatre.

(KCNA, June 24, 2020)

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