Japan's absurd story of 'kidnapping'

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The truth behind absurd story of "kidnapping" has been disclosed one after another in Japan.

Shortly ago, the police of Toyama Prefecture of Japan officially admitted that two women, "the possibility of whose kidnapping by north Korea" was thought to be hard to be excluded after they went missing in 1996, were found dead in the country.

The dead bodies of the two women were reportedly discovered in a car which was lifted up from the bottom of the sea off a port in the prefecture in March of this year and their identities were confirmed through DNA examination.

With this, the number of "kidnapping" victims touted by the Japanese reactionaries has decreased and clear examples proving the nonsense and deceitfulness of "kidnapping" have increased.

This being a hard reality, they assert that the number of specified missing persons, whose possibility of having been "kidnapped" by the north can not be excluded, has reached hundreds throughout the country. This is an absurd jargon.

The problem of missing persons, an inevitable product of the reactionary social system of Japan, is clearly an issue pertaining to the country and it has nothing to do with kidnapping even in the light of its conception.

If there is no result after a fixed period of investigation, all the people reported missing are automatically painted as victims of kidnapping in Japan.

This is not just an issue related to the incompetence of police authorities but part of the hostile policy toward the DPRK sought by the Japanese reactionaries who are working hard to draw water to their mill after maximizing and internationalizing the issue of missing Japanese as a political and diplomatic one.

In fact, Japan is neither justified to put up any conditions nor is entitled to raise the issue in the relations with the north.

As shown by the history, Japan is the kingdom of deep-rooted kidnapping.

It is a hideous unethical criminal state as it occupied Korea and abducted, kidnapped and drafted more than 8.4 million young and middle-aged men and 200 000 women to battlefields and construction sites and mercilessly killed at least one million of them in the last century.

Japan tries to present itself as a victim, not an assailant in a bid to evade the past liquidation at any cost and legitimize its hostile policy toward the DPRK through "kidnapping" that has already been solved.

The Japanese reactionaries are seeking to steadily publicize the hackneyed "kidnapping" issue to cover up the reality of unpopular social system troubled with steadily increasing number of suicide and the missing cases and divert the anti-government spirit in the country to abroad and, furthermore, create an atmosphere favorable for realizing its ambition of reinvasion.

This is the essence of "kidnapping" that the Japanese authorities tout as a "core issue pending" and a "top-priority item".

Japan is well advised to stop cunning acts aimed to shirk off its fault onto others.

(KCNA, June 30, 2020)

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