Harshest punishment will follow treason

By Ri Kyong Ju

The dishonest act of the south Korean authorities of conniving at and shielding the provocative leaflet scattering operation by filthy "defectors from the north" has touched off towering zeal for retaliation among our people.

Shocked by the serious warning issued by us, the south Korean authorities set out in a hurry for follow-up measures. But far from taking due measures, they make nonsense that "it seems the north hopes for dialogue and negotiations", "the leaflet scattering must be stopped because it pollutes ecological environment in the region and has adverse impact on the living conditions of citizens."

They also have gone so impudent as to claim that they have taken measures to stop leaflet-scattering from long ago to fundamentally defuse tension in the areas where both sides stand in confrontation and that a proposal for an effective system has been under examination in a bid to give impression that the inglorious incident happened by accident.

The south Korean authorities' act of keeping a straight face without any proper attitude of sincerely admitting their wrongdoing is an expression of their deep-rooted consciousness of standoff with the fellow countrymen and an act of deliberate perfidy to push the north-south ties to the phase of rupture.

Leaflet scattering is the most undisguised psychological warfare conducted for the purpose of neutralizing the other warring partner and it is, in actuality, an act of a preemptive attack that precedes a war.

To feign ignorance of and support the worst hostile act of hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership which our people regard dearer than their own lives is an unpardonable treason.

Riff-raffs now make a little more advanced excuses to the effect that the "government" is in the process of reviewing a bill after working it out. But our people will never be taken in by it.

To leave the defectors as they are to commit the leaflet scattering is a clear proof that the south Korean authorities have moved overtly and covertly to totally scrap the April 27 Panmunjom Declaration and the north-south agreement in the military field.

Confidence is the mind of trusting and relying on each other and it gets deeper with promises kept.

However, the south Korean authorities, without any practical measures to respect us and not to denounce our social system, are reeling off lame excuses and pretexts in their arrogant behavior to evade and gloss over their crime.

The perfidious act of the confrontational maniacs of inciting escalated tension only makes us reach a clear conclusion that enemies are enemies after all.

A saying goes that "sow the wind and reap the whirlwind".

The south Korean authorities must clearly understand that with nothing can it calm down the greatly enraged mindset of this country.

We do not make an empty talk.

Treason against the nation is bound to be followed by the harshest punishment.

(KCNA, June 8, 2020)
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