Let us add glory to Juche-oriented Party

56th anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il starting work at WPK CC
56th anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il starting work at WPK CC

Let us endlessly add glory to exploits performed by Chairman Kim Jong Il in building Juche-oriented Party

By Rodong Sinmun

June 19, Juche 53 (1964) when Chairman Kim Jong Il started the work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea is a meaningful day which will remain immortal in our Party's history.

Since Kim Jong Il started his work at the WPK Central Committee, our Party has demonstrated its might as a revolutionary Party with a firm ideological and leadership system of the leader, a motherly Party serving the popular masses after forming a harmonious whole with them, and an invincible Party with steel-strong discipline and capabilities.

Since this day our Party has created a model in building a revolutionary party in the era of independence, invariably holding aloft the red flag of socialism century after century.

In the 1960s our country waged a fierce campaign for consolidating the triumphant socialist system and safeguarding the revolutionary gains against the invasion by imperialists. As Kim Jong Il started his work at the Party Central Committee at that time, our Party could fulfill its leadership mission and steer the revolution and the construction along the way of victory and glory.

The noble feats and traditions provided by Kim Jong Il while leading the WPK for decades guarantee our Party's victorious advance in the face of the stern trials of history in the new century of Juche.

It is the immortal exploits performed by Chairman Kim Jong Il in building the WPK that he strengthened the WPK as the invincible revolutionary party in which the ideological and guiding system of the leader has been firmly established and prepared all party members as ones strong in ideology and faith who think and act only in conformity with the idea and will of the leader.

He formulated the revolution itself as love for and trust in people and thoroughly applied it to party building and activities, thereby pioneering a noble phase in building the motherly party.

The mode of existence of our Party and its revolutionary climate are devoted service for the people and the supreme principle of its activities is to steadily heighten the people's living standard.

We will uphold the leadership of the Party with loyalty and build a prosperous and powerful socialist country on this land without fail true to the intention of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

It is important to strengthen and develop our Party as the glorious Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party forever with the tight hold on the ideology and exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il in party building.

We, firmly convinced that the future of our Party and our state is very bright as we hold Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem, should absolutely trust and follow him and safeguard him politically and ideologically at the cost of our lives.

It is imperative to consolidate the ideological and purposeful unity of entire party centered on the Supreme Leader and establish a strong revolutionary discipline and order by which the whole party and society move as one under the unified leadership of the Party Central Committee.

Party organizations at all levels should devotedly implement the ideology and line of the Supreme Leader and raise the role of all primary party organizations including primary Party committees and party cells, thereby preparing all party members and other working people to be ardent fighters who share their lot with the Party Central Committee.

Let us all the people add eternal glory to Kim Jong Il's immortal idea on Party building and carry forward the strenuous struggle for strengthening and developing our Party and for the victory of the cause of building a powerful socialist country.

(Abridgment from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA, June 19, 2020)
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