DPRK warns US of nuclear destruction

Originally published by Tass (ru)

DPRK warns US of destruction in case of fomenting war on the Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang warns Washington that a new war on the Korean peninsula could lead to the destruction of the United States.

The DPRK embassy in Moscow said this in its press kit released on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. Tass received the message on Saturday.

The diplomatic mission pointed out that the United States has continued hostile actions over the decades instead of learning from the war on the Korean peninsula.

"This year also, the US military deploys all sorts of military maneuvers in South Korea and in the areas adjacent to it," the message said. "The main purpose is the movement and deployment of the American armed forces on the Korean peninsula from abroad and from the mainland and the quick delivery of an attack on the DPRK."

In this regard, the embassy said that the DPRK today has strategic missiles and nuclear weapons: "These means are capable of mercilessly punishing those who dare to raise their hand against us -- in whichever corner of the planet they may be."

"A new round of the Korean war will add a particularly sensational event to the history of mankind," the diplomatic mission said. "It will put an end to another empire, the name of which is the United States."

The Korean War lasted from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953.

American troops marched for the side of the nationalists based in the south of the Korean peninsula. Chinese volunteers supported communists in the north of the peninsula.

Technically, the DPRK and South Korea are still at war.

(Tass - June 20, 2020)
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