We will continue to take retaliatory actions to the end

DPRK Youth Protest, June 8, 2020

By Ho Yong Min
Rodong Sinmun

At present the north-south relations have gone totally bankrupt and the worst tension has been created on the Korean peninsula. This is ascribable to the hidden hostile policy of the south Korean authorities and their weakness and incompetency.

The south Korean authorities, who had got nervous about finding a way out from the grave situation caused by the rash act of human scum and their irresponsible behavior of conniving at it, vociferated about "preventive measures" and "efficient plan for improving the system."  Now they are talking about “serious response” in an attempt to deceive us.

After branding the scattering of anti-DPRK leaflets as an act of going against the present law as if they had taken a "bold decision,"  they officially made public their stand that they would seriously deal with such acts and "abide by all the agreements between the south and the north."  They are now crying that they have saved the situation.

However, even at this moment, conservatives and trash-like mass media are pointing accusing fingers at the authorities, saying that they took "low-postured attitude toward the north" and showed "submission" and "humiliation."  And human scum go the length of declaring that they would scatter leaflets again.

We have already made a conclusion that there is no need for us to sit face to face with the south Korean authorities and discuss things with them any longer. What is left for us is to make them pay dearly for their heinous crimes.

We have decided to take a series of retaliatory actions to punish the betrayers and human scum.

As was declared, the north-south joint liaison office will come into destruction and the right to taking the next action against the enemy will be entrusted to our army.

Our invincible revolutionary armed forces will take a resolute action to take avenge on the enemies in order to allay the surging indignation of our people.
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