Protection of biodiversity brisk in DPRK

June 5 is World Environment Day.

On this occasion, the United Nations set this year's theme as "Biodiversity" and urged all countries to direct efforts to the protection of biodiversity like the conservation of animals' habitats.

The DPRK has intensified the work to protect biodiversity.

More than 550 million trees were planted in 177 000 hectares of mountains and fields last year alone, through a forest restoration campaign for turning the whole country into greenery and woodland.

An overall survey of sanctuaries was conducted to protect the useful animals, and a work is going on to rename or reestablish reserves for wild animals.

Meanwhile, works were launched to set reserves for endemic animals and plants and protect and multiply such progenitors as Paektusan blueberry, Anbyon persimmon and Songchon chestnut.

Mts Paektu, Kuwol, Myohyang, Chilbo and Kumgang playing a major role in the protection of biodiversity were registered as world network of biosphere reserves, and Mundok and Rason migrants sanctuaries were listed as important wetlands in the world.

Special reserves were set to protect the marine resources, and a campaign is being conducted to value the environmental impact on sanctuaries and prevent the environmental pollution.

Also, a work goes on to amend the laws related to environmental protection in keeping with the requirements of the developing reality. And efforts are directed to the scientific research for protection of biodiversity as well as to the academic exchange with other countries.

(KCNA - June 4, 2020)
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