Outburst of popular rage, inevitabilities of history

By Ho Yong Min
Rodong Sinmun

DPRK Poster Peace
It is our people who will readily turn out as one in order to defend the dignity of their supreme leadership even though the sky falls down, and it is our single-minded unity which will get stronger whatever desperate moves of the enemies.

Our people hardly repress their bitter resentment at the leaflet scattering perpetrated by human scum, unhindered by the south Korean authorities.

It is due to the brazen-faced and treacherous behavior of the south Korean authorities who do not feel guilty at all that the inter-Korean relations have reached such a catastrophe as the destruction of the north-south joint liaison office.

Hatred against enemies erupting like an active volcano can be seen across the country.

The resentment of our people runs sky-high and our patience has gone beyond the tolerance limit.

Getting stronger day by day is the retaliatory zeal of our people to thoroughly punish human scum who dared defame the most sacred dignity of their supreme leadership and the betrayers who connived at it. The people from all walks of life and youth and students now harden their will to turn out in scattering leaflets against enemies.

It was not the first time and how can we tolerate it, this is a unanimous voice of our people across the country that we have to shower rubbish upon the land of human scum who engaged in all kinds of bad things.

Our young people are getting themselves fully ready to take the lead as they regard it as the lifeblood to devotedly defend the leader and the greatest honor and happiness to readily lay down their lives for the one and only motherland.

It is the cry of our people to make enemies pay price for their crimes as much as they harassed us and insulted all things we value most.

It is just like a thief calling “stop a thief” that they are finding fault with us though they broke the grave agreement related to the future of the nation.

At present our people, especially youth and students are firmly determined to launch the largest-ever leaflet scattering with a blitz in frontline areas.

Every moment will become the hardest one for the provokers because it will drive them into a tragic plight and they will never sleep in peace even a night.
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