People strong in fighting spirit sure to win victory

Kim Il Sung Square embroidered with lettering "Self-Reliance". (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Jang Im Hyang
Rodong Sinmun

Our people are the vanguard fighters of devotedly defending and upholding the cause of the leader with loyalty in an indomitable fighting spirit.

They are also the people strongest in self-reliance who are paving a broad avenue for building a prosperous country in a stanch fighting spirit.

They are also the strong-willed revolutionaries who have achieved greater victories in an unyielding fighting spirit

It is the revolutionary disposition of our people to make uninterrupted innovations and progress and successive offensive for achieving a new victory in defiance of difficulties, not resting on the laurels.

This was proved by the historical terms produced along with our revolutionary advance such as Speed on Masik Pass and Spirit of Kangwon Province and Great Golden Age of Construction.

The undaunted fighting spirit of our people is being fully displayed in the offensive for making a breakthrough head-on all the barriers to the on-going revolutionary advance.

This year, the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory was built as a creation of the idea of achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance and the second-stage construction of the South Hwanghae Province Waterway was completed.

The construction of the Pyongyang General Hospital for improving the people's health is making brisk headway.

This reality is a proud one that can be brought about only by our people armed with the idea of continuous revolution.

Our country is sure to emerge victorious as it has the great people who have devotedly implemented the leader's behests and policies of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) through uninterrupted innovations and progress and successive offensive, keeping in their minds the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude, the embodiment of the WPK's idea of independence and patriotism, as the best wealth.

(KCNA, June 27, 2020)

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