Shameless artifice to dodge responsibility

Joint liaison office building in explosion
Joint liaison office building in explosion. (Photo Credit KCNA)

By Pak Chol Jun

As was reported, the north-south joint liaison office which had remained idle in the Kaesong Industrial Zone was completely destroyed with a loud explosion on June 16.

It is the south Korean authorities who should have felt responsible for this more keenly than anyone. However, they are behaving disgracefully over our just measure. This attitude makes us aback.

Some time ago such unjustifiable words as "strong regret" and "responsibility for incident" came out from the meeting of Security Council of Chongwadae. The military warmongers loudly talked about "provocation by someone" and "strong response" like a thief calling "stop thief".

Shameless acts of the south Korean authorities who brand our just countermeasure against their provocation as "provocation" would never work on us and convince us that enemy is enemy.

It is none other than the south Korean authorities who pushed us to take practical countermeasures.

There can be no other choice for our people whose supreme leadership dearer than their lives was hurt. The provokers dared defame what should not be done. Therefore, nobody is allowed to criticize our people for exercising their legitimate rights to punishing those who hurt their most sacred mental core.

Why should we hesitate in the present situation in which the respect for the other side and mutual confidence collapsed and there are no matters to be discussed between north and south.

The south Korean authorities should not resort to dirty moves to shift the responsibility for the present incident onto the other.

(Rodong Sinmun - June 21, 2020)
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