Corn-yam tea proves effective for diabetes treatment

Corn-yam tea
(Photo Pyongyang Times)

By Yon Ok

Medical workers of the DPRK have developed a drink which is effective for the treatment of diabetes with corn and yam.

In general, middle-aged and old people are easily attacked by postcibal hyperglycemia and diabetes. That is why they need to lower to normalcy the blood sugar in the body as soon as possible in order to prevent various complications and immunity depression.

According to developers, the corn-yam tea increases the functions of edible insulin and immunity and anti-oxidation ability. The drinking of the tea for at least three days or 20 to 40 days on average is said to remarkably lower postcibal hyperglycemia and drastically improve the complication symptoms of diabetes. If the tea is taken for two months, it stabilizes neutral fat and cholesterol values and malignant hypertension to normalcy.

Yam containing much high nucleic acid prevents radiation, promotes digestion, lowers blood sugar, prevents arteriosclerosis, cures gastric ulcer and relieves fatigue.

The tea is reportedly rich in natural ingredients which eliminate the causes of arteriosclerosis, hyperlipemia and hypertensive diseases, especially eicosapentaenoic acid.

According to research findings, the habitual drinking of 30 grams of corn-yam tea every day by a diabetic can markedly drop the level of blood sugar in the body and improve health.

A 65-year-old man reportedly drank the tea for three months while doing walking exercise, which dropped his blood sugar from 490 mg/dl to 123 mg/dl, and no sign of diabetes was observed after nine months. His health was still maintained for a month after he stopped drinking the tea.

A male patient, who developed the complication of tuberculosis after suffering from diabetes for 14 years, used to be injected with 16 IU of insulin at a time to lower blood sugar, but it seldom returned to normalcy. But after drinking the corn-yam tea for 40 days, the injection of 1 IU of insulin made it possible to drop his blood sugar to the normal state and improve his health.

(Pyongyang Times - June 1, 2020)
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