Introduction of IT products brisk in DPRK

Ten best IT products, appreciated at the 2019 National Exhibition of IT Successes, have been widely introduced into various industrial establishments of the DPRK.

In this regard, Kim Jong Min, head of a department of the National IT Administration, told KCNA:

Light industry factories applied a laser cutting assisted program, which helps cut different kinds of non-metallic materials like cloth, leather, plastic, glass and plywood with laser beam. This program is playing a big part in updating production process and raising the actual yield rate and accuracy of products.

A spectrum analyzer and "Huingurum", process monitor programming aids, were used in the development of IT products at tens of units.

Integrated power control system for Orangchon Power Station, "Ullim" network switch and a colorization system for super-high resolution black-and-white pictures, too, are gaining public favor at industrial establishments.

(KCNA, June 8, 2020)
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