Display of will to punish enemies most thoroughly

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"We will mete out a merciless punishment to those who hurt the dignity of our supreme leadership" (Special section banner of Uriminzokkiri)

By Ho Yong Min

The ugly north-south joint liaison office which had turned into an unnecessary and useless building was completely destroyed according to the zeal of all our enraged people to punish the human scum who challenged the noblest dignity and prestige of our country and those who winked at their shuddering crime.

This very justifiable exercise of our rights is the first-stage step of the primary action taken by us determined to surely force those who faulted the inviolable dignity of our supreme leadership and those who showed no sign of remorse or reflection to pay for their crimes.

Those, who were seeking a possible way out, seized with vague expectations and conjecture, are running helter-skelter upon hearing the sound of explosion of vengeance.

The measure taken by us this time is a part of merciless punishment to those who have dreamed a daydream in persistent pursuit of the concealed policy hostile to us.

This is only the beginning. The sound of explosion which will be continued in the future may go far beyond the imagination of those who interpret development of affairs as they please. Our people are very enraged and the self-control of our army passes beyond its limitation.

A hideous crime surely entails a ruthless punishment.

As we have reconfirmed that the enemy is the enemy after all, our decision is entirely just.

It is the ideological feelings of all our people and our national customs that the rashness of hurting the mental core of our people can never be allowed under any circumstances.

The right to taking the action against the enemy has already gone over to our army. The south Korean authorities should deliberately approach the announcement of our army that specific military action plans are being deliberated including deploying units in the Mt Kumgang tourist area and the Kaesong Industrial Zone where the sovereignty of our Republic is exercised and upgrading the level of the front guard duty to top class combat duty system throughout the front line.

The merciless action of our people and service personnel who have turned out to defend their leader and system at the cost of their lives will bring the heinous provokers to the bitterest end.

(Abridgment from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA, June 18, 2020)
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