Demos spread to over 300 cities in US

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Anti-racist demonstrations, which began with the killing of a black man by a white policeman in Minnesota as a momentum, have rapidly expanded to over 300 cities of the US as of June 3.

Enraged protestors pulled down the Stars and Stripes to set fire near the White House in Washington DC while chanting such slogans as "There is no justice and peace" and "We cannot breathe".

CNN reported that the scenes reminding viewers of a battlefield were unfolded in various cities with crowds turning out in protest actions in disregard of curfew.

Police were bent on crackdown using teargas and firing rubber bullets to the protestors to break up demonstration.

Reporting on the demonstration in front of the White House, media outlets deplored that demonstrators are exposed to teargas, flash bomb and truncheon as well as the threat of mounted police.

It is said that military helicopters flew in the sky above Washington DC to break up demonstration, military vehicles were deployed in all places of the city and many troops are waiting in the suburbs of the city for crackdown.

Iron fences of over two metres high were set up around the White House.

Over 9 000 demonstrators were reportedly seized by police.

The US authorities ordered governors to repress anti-racist demonstrations by mobilizing defence forces.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urged the US authorities to lend their ears to the angry voices that they should put an end to inveterate and systematic racial discrimination as he expressed apprehension over the serious situation prevailing in all parts of the US.

(Pyongyang Times - June 6, 2020)

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