Covid-19 Pyongyang life is normal

Covid-19 Pyongyang life is normal
Amb. Gotsurve
An Indian news portal on Tuesday headlined, "Amid Covid-19 crisis, life in Pyongyang normal says India's envoy to North Korea".

The latest ambassadorial witness is Atul Malhari Gotsurve of India. The previous one was Alexander Matsegora of Russia.

According to the Wion, the Indian ambassador found the life is normal in Pyongyang before explaining the measures quickly and strictly taken by the DPRK government from the early stage to the present one.

Shops and services are open and so are the universities, schools, factories and offices, he said and adding: Public transport for locals too is functioning smoothly.

He said despite some difficulties created by the extraordinary Covid-19 pandemic around the world as also in DPRK, the morale of all of them at the Embassy is high, according to the Wion.

Questions and answers carried by the Wion are here.

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