Behavior will cost S Korean authorities dearest

By Kim Hong Hui
Minju Joson

DPRK Poster Peace
The south Korean authorities offered the frontline areas to the human scum "defectors from the north" as a theatre of scattering anti-DPRK leaflets.

This clearly proves that they have no interest in national reconciliation and unity but are determined to destroy the inter-Korean relations.

The south Korean authorities' talk about "peace" and "dialogue" on the international arena is little short of a third-rate charade. Their real intention is in escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen.

So far, we have made sincere efforts and several proposals for detente of the north-south relations but in fact, the inter-Korean relations have not taken even a step towards reconciliation and unity but been brought back to the origin of confrontation.

It is our disposition and mettle to respond to good faith in kind and deal a merciless counterblow to a hostile act of hurting the sovereignty and dignity of the country.

Explicitly speaking, this is just a start of the fierce retaliatory action. As clarified before the world, a measure for punishment of those who dared to slander the dignity of our supreme leadership will be merciless.

The south Korean authorities will be forced to pay the dearest price for making a mockery of our people's sacred mental core.
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