Dearest price for insulting our people

Kim Yo Jong's June 13th Statement
Kim Yo Jong's June 13th Statement

By Pak Chol Jun
Rodong Sinmun

Soaring hatred against enemies can be felt in all words and actions of the people since it went public that the unpardonable action of hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK was committed in south Korea.

The indignation of all the people and service personnel has now reached an incontrollable phase like an active volcano, says Rodong Sinmun in an article on Tuesday:

It is the unanimous voice of all the people and service personnel that we can no longer stay like this and we will set our fight off to the end, irrespective of whether the north-south relations meet a catastrophe.

The statement made public by the first vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea said that the judgment that we should force the betrayers and human scum to pay the dearest price for their crimes and the retaliatory action plans we have made based on it have become a firm public opinion at home, not part of the work of the field in charge of the affairs with enemy.

The statement also predicted the next phase action.

We do not feel any need to remind those, who have a bad ear and fail to feel guilty, of why our people are so infuriated. The only way to deal with them is to certainly break with them through action.

(KCNA, June 16, 2020)
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