Abe's bellicosity raises regional concerns

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Wild Ambition for Becoming Military Power

Korean Wrath
Recently, Japan has deployed Patriot missiles of improved version at four bases of the "Self-Defence Forces" in Chiba, Shizuoka and Fukuoka prefectures.

The interception altitude of the missiles called PAC-3 MSE with remodeled radar, triggering device and others increased to dozens of kilometers from the previous ten-odd kilometers. Their area of defense doubled and the radar can detect smaller missiles.

The Japanese reactionaries are pressing ahead with the remodeling of missiles while further expanding their deployment to the units across the country. They are justifying it with an excuse that "surrounding countries are making spectacular advances in missile development and their performance has also improved, and therefore securing the ability to cope with them is important".

In the light of the objective fact that the missiles with improved military technological indicators can be used beyond the purpose of defense, this clearly points to the reckless military behavior of the Japanese reactionaries crazy for reinvasion.

With the Abe regime staying longer in office, the bellicose and dangerous nature of Japan to start the gunfire of reinvasion is getting serious.

The war criminal state which is deprived of the right to have its regular army, to say nothing of the right to belligerency and the right to participate in a war, has now ranked itself among five most powerful military giants in the world stretching out its hands of aggression beyond the boundary of the country.

The "SDF" is highly developing its mobile strike ability and turning its military hardware into the ones centered on a preemptive attack by spending an exorbitant amount of military expenditure on possessing aircraft carrier, developing long-range cruise missile, introducing 100-plus ultra modern stealth fighters, launching military surveillance satellite and so on.

In February last, the Japanese reactionaries conducted a test flight of P-1 antisubmarine patrol plane loaded with advanced air-to-ship missile of drastically extended firing range.

On this, foreign media comment that it is an efficient stopgap for the "SDF" which are constitutionally prohibited to possess bombers to turn the antisubmarine patrol planes into bombers fully loaded with missiles, clarifying that it can even have the capability for strategic strike if the planes are loaded with long-range cruiser missiles when in need.

Shortly ago, the Kirisame, the escort warship of the Maritime "SDF" dispatched to the Middle East, has started gathering intelligence even amid the increasing world concern over COVID-19.

These are really a clear revelation of their wild ambition to become a military power and to launch overseas expansion.

Actually, the Japanese reactionaries are making no secret of the fact that they have deployed dense attack forces in every strategic vantage of the country targeting the surrounding countries.

Every move of Japan including all kinds of war rehearsals aimed at acquiring the capability to fight a war, military advance overseas against the public mindset and revision of the Constitution are reminding the people of the times when the Japanese imperialists got extremely desperate for continental aggression.

The reckless military behavior of the island country is a challenge to the desire of mankind for peace and stability.

The international community is closely watching the moves of the defeated country, the war criminal state for reinvasion gaining momentum day by day.

(KCNA, June 23, 2020)

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