US troops out of Korea, Bandow shouts

US troops out of Korea, Bandow shouts
Doug Bandow
Actually, he does not shout the slogan in the plaza, but sings the song in the paper.

The political writer Doug Bandow raises a question "Why do Americans pay attention to the DPRK?" to the Capitol Hill on May 25 before answering to it by himself.

He wrote, "Although diplomacy with Pyongyang has stalemated, Trump's initiative defused bilateral tensions."

According to him, American feeling threatened by the DPRK diminished from 60% to 13% thanks to Trump's metamorphosis from "fire and fury" threat to summit diplomacy.

That is to say, Americans don't have to worry about the DPRK so long as "American imperialists" don't threaten it.

Following are quotes from The Hill, May 25, 2020:

Turn over South Korea's defense to the South Koreans. End the unnecessary U.S. commitment to Seoul. Initiate a phased withdrawal of American troops. Turn the "mutual" defense treaty into a looser pact for cooperation to advance shared interests. And no more "fire and fury" rhetoric, even if the North and South return to past hostilities.

This is from his twitter account:

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