US' sanctions incur worldwide denunciation

Consequences to be entailed by tenacious sanctions policy

By Choe Yong Nam

Sanctions are the sole tool of the US foreign policy. The US does not want to come to a compromise-based agreement with anyone, but is trying to force its own ideas on others.

The object and scope of its sanctions are boundless, from the sanctions against the DPRK to those against Russia which have continued under the pretext of its intervention in the US presidential elections, the world-stirring trade war with China and the imposition of tariffs on the EU, Canada, Mexico and Turkey.

The US' sanctions incur worldwide denunciation as they deter the international community from fighting against the spread of COVID-19 which is called a great disaster of the world.

Russia warned that it would assess every detailed case of the US illegal sanctions and cope with them according to circumstances, expressing its stand not to tolerate the unilateral restrictive measures of the US.

Condemning the US' new sanctions moves, Cuba announced that the US would be unable to bring Cuba to its knees. The US' sanctions run counter to international laws and the UN Charter and abuse the human rights of the world people, it said, adding they are thwarting the efforts of different countries engaged in combat against the novel coronavirus infection.

Iran said that the US is malignantly intensifying unlawful sanctions against the country in order to drain it even of its resources needed for the prevention of damage from COVID-19, appealing the international community to keep mum no longer as to the fact that the US' economic terrorism is leading to medical terrorism.

(Pyongyang Times - May 4, 2020)

How US sanctions are worsening the Covid-19 pandemic

Peoples Dispatch

In this time of an unprecedented global crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the need of the hour is global solidarity and coordination.

However, the imperialist bloc led by the United States continues to impose and implement debilitating sanctions on countries such as Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba.

This is only worsening the global health crisis as these countries are faced with additional challenges in procuring essential medicines and testing equipment.

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