Punishment of Chun Doo Hwan urged in S Korea

Studets urge punishment of Chun Doo Hwan
Studets urge punishment of Chun Doo Hwan. (Photo UnivJinbo Facebook)

The Progressive Federation of Students in south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on May 8, in which it stated that students will be in the van of the action to punish the chief culprit of the Kwangju massacre, according to the south Korean internet paper Jaju Sibo.

The speakers said that Chun Doo Hwan who is chiefly responsible for the Kwangju massacre and the accomplices still remain unpunished.

They said that they will not stop their action until Chun Doo Hwan bends his knees before the people and apologizes to them.

A press release was read out.

It said that Chun Doo Hwan, the chief culprit of the Kwangju massacre who goes against the will of the people, is destined to get stern punishment of history, stressing that students will take the lead in the action to severely punish the traitor. 

(KCNA - May 12, 2020)

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