Judicial human rights crackdown condemned in S Korea

Ri Sok Ki case
Members of the Progressive Party and Committee for Victims in Ri Sok Gi-led Rebellion Case hold press rally in front of the supreme court building on May 14, denouncing the final rulig against three defendants. (Photo, cropped, Credit Progressive Party)

The south Korean online paper Voice of People carries an editorial in denunciation of the unreasonable human rights crackdown by the judicial authorities on May 15.

The editorial said that a conviction was delivered at a trial of Ri Sok Gi-led rebellion case on a charge of violating the "Security Law".

It was already revealed that the case was an illegal one fabricated by the Park Geun Hye "regime", which involved the prosecution, police and the judicature as well as the Intelligence Service, the editorial noted.

The editorial stressed the need to abrogate the SL, the remains of the Cold War and means of human rights crackdown.

(May 19, 2020)

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