Japan's true colors under veil


Japan dispatches warships of the Maritime "Self-Defense Force" in a row to the waters off the Middle East.

JMSDF Kirisame
Kirisame (File Photo)
Warship Kirisame embarked at the Sasebo Base on May 10 following the warship Onami which left the Yokosuka Base for the Gulf of Aden in late April.

The continuous dispatch of the "Self-Defense Forces" to the Middle East shows that the Japanese reactionaries are rushing headlong into the resurgence of militarism and the overseas expansion.

Covered behind the veil of "handling and defence against piracy" making a mockery of the world was the wicked attitude of the island nation distorted by a wild ambition for aggression.

Toward the end of 2013 Japan worked out "defense guidelines" in which it expanded the essence of "security" into "international security" from national security, under the pretext of "aggravated security environment around it".

According to it, Japan has cleared the policy and legal hurdles to militarization and reinvasion, while ceaselessly expanding the scope of the overseas military operation of the "Self-Defence Forces" little by little.

Historically, it has employed a "theory of threat from surrounding countries" to realize its wild ambition for the aggression.

In the past century Japan had turned Korea into its colony while talking about threats from Qing Dynasty and Czarist Russia and run amuck to put the Asian continent under its control with the Second World War as an occasion.

After the end of the Cold War, it paved the path for overseas dispatch of troops under the pretext of the U.S. "war on terrorism" and now it has further hastened the establishment of a war state, trumpeting about the "threat and provocation" from the DPRK and neighboring countries whenever opportunity presented itself.

The dispatch of troops of the "Self-Defence Forces" to the Middle East is also part of such moves for overseas expansion.

A French research institute claimed that Japan is going ahead with even a military act without hesitation contrary to its Constitution under the plea of "anti-piracy action" while taking note of the fact that it is strengthening the naval fleet and flying force and increasing the attack capability.

Even at the moment warships and sea-patrol planes of the Japan's SDF are enthusiastic about surveillance and information gathering on the sailing ships and sea lanes while going on the rampage in the gulfs of Oman and Aden and the northern part of the Arabian Sea.

No one can predict when the said troops will unleash a war of aggression under the ambiguous guideline of the authorities that "it is possible to use weapons in contingency."

The international community never hopes that the Lugouqiao incident or the Pearl Harbor attack incident which became detonating fuses of the Sino-Japanese war and the Pacific War would repeat.

The reckless frenzy of Japan running amuck for realizing its ambition for reinvasion under the pretext of a "threat" and "defence" will only invite self-destruction of the island country. 

(KCNA - May 14, 2020)

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